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If you have any questions, daubts and uncertainty regarding any tour please feel free to contact Thomas Boehm at any time before you book a tour. E-Mail: himalaya_trekking@yahoo.com.

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With Dentists in the indian Himalayan mountains (article)

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Winter Trekking

Dates Winter Trekking

Tour Dates from 03.01.2019  to 18.01.2019  -  

+++Alle Teilnehmer der Wanderreise zum Fuße des Mt.Everest sind wieder nach Deutschland zurückgekehrt ! +++

Von Fotografen

Thomas, with his gentle and kind way of doing things, can take a great credit for this. At the end, I am sure that we will join again in some other adventure....
Denis Gustin,Zagreb,Croatia
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Beispielfoto Winter TrekkingBeispielfoto Winter Trekking

National Geographic

Tour Description Winter Trekking

Winter Trekking / Expedition: Chadar – on the frozen river Zanskar”
  • 9 day winter trekking (roundtrip) to the remote village of Lingshed
  • Visit an Amchi at work in Lingshed (traditional Tibetan medicine physiotherapist / healer)
  • sleep in a monastery (man) or nonnery (women) a truly unforgettable experience
  • Homestay with local frineds in Nirag village
  • See the buddhist monatys ay Shey, Thiksey and Hemis
  • Delhi's sights: Lotus Temple, Akhardam Temple, Golden Temple
  • professional Photo assistance for beginners and advanced photographers
National Geographic "Chadar" one of the 10 best hikes worldwide ( Photo Thomas Boehm)

From the ancient city of Leh, Ladakh – adventurous winter trekking to the remote location of the Buddhist monastery of Lingshed in Zanskar. For the men you can experience a unique overnight stay in the Monastery together with the monks and the women can stay with the nuns in their separate monastery. As it’s one of the very few women monasteries in India, it would be a truly unforgettable and exceptional experience.

This winter Trek in the Indian Himalayan Mountains gives you the unique opportunity to experience the dramatic, impressive landscape together with the lovely hospitality provided by the warm hearted people of Ladakh. The Chadar Trek itself gives the adventure its character, and is considered worldwide to be one of the great adventures to take in the winter months. In this part of the Indian Himalayan Mountains all passes are blocked by massive snowfall during the long six month winter season which makes them unpassable. In January / February when temperatures often fall below - 20°C (68 F) the river slowly begins to freeze. Since ancient times the local inhabitants of the region have had to use this alternative route over the frozen surface of the Zanskar River to carry essential supplies from the main towns. Even today schoolchildren have to go this way when they have to go to Leh in Ladakh to attend school. This is the only way for them. The trek is called the “Chadar”, the blanket of ice.

Because of sudden changes to the temperature the level of the water rises and falls, and the ice conditions too, are ever changing. Sometimes these changes occur within hours very dramatically. This change can turn a comfortable walk on the ice into a challenging expedition. There are sections where the ice is not thick enough to pass through safely, so these must be walked around or traversed in an alternative way, mostly on untravelled paths. Since these can be at times dangerous we absolutely have to work together as a team. Participating trekkers should not be afraid of heights, and must be able to climb without rope at class two sections. It goes without saying that everybody needs to be fit and healthy to undertake such a challenge. Trekkers should be able to carry their backpack (13 – 15 kg) for about 5/6 hours a day. Please also bear in mind that in case of an emergency, due to the remoteness of the area, rescue teams or helicopters will not be able to arrive immediately. Your equipment should meet the challenges and environment of such an expedition under these kinds of harsh circumstances that are found in the Himalaya in winter.

Information Winter Trekking

Travelling to the land of high passes, this is what it means to take an adventure to Ladakh. For more than a decade I have been coming to this place more as a friend than as a tourist. I have developed many close relationships from these travels. Of all my recent tours and treks around the world the seven winter expeditions I have taken to the Lingshed monastery in Zanskar is by far the most challenging I have ever done, but without question the most rewarding.

You will have an opportunity to take advantage of the experiences I have gathered on these many journeys and to share the friendships I have made. We’ll make the trek together with the travel agency Shanti Tours & Travel, all of which will make a one of a kind of experience for you.

Undertaking a trek this this is the experience of a lifetime. The ancient, historical surroundings have an unearthly, magical quality to them and the locals are very friendly. Many visitors have such a wonderful time that they return year after year. Perhaps you shall be one of them. All we know is that we will do everything to make sure you have a brilliant first trip.
You can find statements former trekkers have made about this tour in the “Forum” section.

Tour Itinarary Winter Trekking

1. Day

International  flight  to New Delhi / India

2. Day

3. Day

Today will be already one of the highlights of this trip. The flight up to Leh (3500 m) is probably one of the world’s most spectacular. We will see countless mountain ranges, glaciers and valleys and, if weather permits, even the mighty K2 in Pakistan! Later we will check in in our heated guesthouse. In the afternoon we can walk up to the well known Shanti Stupa. A easy and relaxing 1,5 hrs walk that gives us first great views of Leh and the Indus valley. This is also good for us to slowly acclimatize (-/L/D) Night in guesthouse (3600m)

4. Day

Again a easy day to acclimatise !Early this morning  we will drive to Thiksey monastery.The best preserved and most colorful in Ladakh. Here we have the unique chance to watch the Lamas during their praying ceremony. From here we will drive to Hemis to visit a local family who I know for more than 15 years. There you can hike up a lovely valley to visit a hidden small gompa.(4000m hike high - sleep low)  Later on back in Leh you have a chance to do some shopping, drop your postcards and take a few more pictures. At night we have to pack for our trek tomorrow. (-/L/D) Night in Guesthouse (3600m)

5 - 13 Day

beginn of the trekking tour to Lingshed.

1. - 3. Trekking Day

After breakfast we will drive in our Jeep to Chilling ( 3350m, 70 km ) which is our drop off point. After a few hours we will have adjusted our walking style to the new, unknown ice surface underneath our boots. We have plenty of time to stop to take pictures and to enjoy the sheer beauty that is surrounding us. Often we will meet the locals, who are going or coming from Leh, and because our guides are locals we will have the opportunities to have a chat with them. Usually around 3-4 pm we will reach our caves, where we set up "camp". After some hot tea we will spread out to collect firewood for our cozy campfire at night. Sitting there we will have our surprisingly tasty, fresh cooked vegetarian meal, listening to the rushing river, the cracking of the ice and enjoying the clear night sky full with millions of stars. (B/-/D)

4.Trekking Day

After a long and steep ascent from the Zanskar river we'll reach after about 5 hours the wide and long spread out area of the Lingshed village (3850m). There we stay at a local family house(B/-/D)

5. Trekking Day

After breakfast we will say goodbye to our hearty hosts and continue upwards through the picturesque village to the Lingshed monastery (3950m). The men will stay at some Lamas houses who I’ve known now for years. The women can enjoy the hospitality of the nuns at the nunnery, one of the very few in Ladakh. There is no strict itinerary for those 2 days. But we will definitely attend the praying ceremonies done by the monks and novices of the monastery. Up above the valley at 4000m, surrounded by the mountain ranges of the Himalayan mountains. A truly unforgettable experience. We will also walk through the village and visit some local houses, drink some tea and take some pictures. There is also a very interesting place where local Amchis (Tibetan medicine men) have their local hospital, so there is plenty to do and see. (B/L/D)

6. - 8. Trekking Day

Today we have to say goodbye to Lingshed and its lovely people. After a couple of pictures and a hearty "Julley-Julley" ( good bye - take care ) we will go the same way back down to the Zanskar river valley.( 3-4 hours ) Then we will have the ice under our feet again. But of course now feeling much more confident and experienced we will be going back to our cave for the night. Under good conditions we will reach Chilling, our starting point 4 days later.(B/-/D)

9. Trekking Day

At noon we will be in Chilling. There we take any transportation that goes back to Leh,70 km away. Here, back in our guesthouse we can enjoy a warm bath (bucket) and a soft and cozy bed.(B/-/D)


Today you will visit the amazing and vibrant Buddhist monastery festival in Spitok !
PS:If we have any delay during the trek , this a the extra day for those circumstances !

15. Day

Arriving back in Delhi, we will be at our hotel at around noon where our first hot shower for weeks awaits! Refreshed and happy we will see the impressing Hindu Temple Laxmi Narayan. After that we will head down to Connaught Place in New Delhi, the Lutyens's designed commercial center of the colonial era. If you fancy a steaming cup of coffee, a piece of pie or even ice cream, you will get it here! (-/L/D)


Flight back to your destination. End of the tour - your adventure is over !

Important Information

During the trek everyone needs to help with our daily tasks of collecting water and gathering firework. We are a team and have to help each other at all times. Tolerance and flexibility are crucial. We have to be prepared to deal with what faces up. Equally as important, everyone has to know their limits and, if at any stage, it becomes apparent that conditions prove too demanding, we have to be prepared to turn around and head home. Thomas Böhm, your guide with experience of 20 Chadar treks has the last word when it comes to packing and equipment (space and weight) as one person's heavy pack can have adverse consequences on the rest of the group. Each pack should not be heavier than 14,5 kg at the beginning of the trek. On top of this every member of the team will be required to carry 2 kg of food.  The whole tour is conducted at your own risk. Everybody has to accept the decisions made by the guide. All decisions will be made in the group's interest not in that of a particular individual. Adverse weather and other unpredictable circumstances may result in changes to the itinerary. Your guide is not responsible for any personal injuries or loss or damage to equipment and possessions. The area we will be trekking in is very remote. There is no mobile connectivity, and  therefore fast and urgent medical help cannot be organized.

Winter Trekking Service includes:

  • German / English/ Ladakhi speaking guide from / to Delhi
  • Domestic flights: Delhi - Leh – Delhi (incl. airport fees, transfers and tax)
  • All meals as mentioned ( B = breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner )
  • Transportation with local bus, taxi, jeep in Ladakh and Delhi
  • Guesthouse / lodge in Leh, Ladakh ( heated )
  • Monastery festival in Spitok !
  • Hotel in Delhi, A/C double-rooms, Wi Fi
  • Accommodation at the monastery / nunnery on the trek
  • Entrance fees and donations in Ladakh and Delhi
  • Experienced English-speaking local guides / cook/ helper
  • All meals during the trek
  • Icer's (similar to crampons but much lighter and better suited for the river ice ) size: S/M/L
  • Rubber boots (made in India, very light and good when there is water on the ice)
  • Minimum number of people per tour: 3
  • Maximum number of people per tour: 5
  • Price per person: 2,500 € 
  • Single room for Leh & Delhi: an additional 190 €

Winter Trekking Service excludes:

  • International airfares
  • Int. Travel and Health insurance ( necessary for booking )
  • Soft drinks, beer etc.
  • Meals not specified in the itinerary
  • Snacks for the trek 
  • Visa for India
  • Tips for the crew

Tour Booking

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