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Yunnan Foto - Tour

Dates Yunnan Foto - Tour

Tour Dates from 17.02.2018  to 10.03.2018  -  4 places left

+++ Achtung ! Tour Seidenstrasse oder Ladakh noch bis 31.12.2017 buchen und 90 € sparen +++( gilt nur bei erreichen der Mindestteilnehmerzahl )

+++ Peking Extra / Programm HIER +++ vor der Yunnan (1) Reise: erleben Sie 2018 S i l v e s t e r sowie das N e u j a h r - und
F r ü h l i n g s f e s t !
der Chinesen in der Hauptstadt des Reiches der Mitte auf individuellen Wegen. Das sorgsam recherchierte Programm bringt Sie zu den Highlights der Stadt sowie zu einem äußerst ruhigen und authentischen Teilstückes der berühmten "Grossen Mauer" abseits der Touristenströme. Ihr Reiseleiter Team Frau Haiqi Liao und Thomas Böhm freuen sich darauf Ihnen Peking mit all seinen verschiedenen Facetten zu zeigen.

Von Fotografen

Haiqi ermöglichte es, dank ihrer chinesischen Herkunft, viele Einblicke und Eindrücke von den verschiedenen Bevölkerungsgruppen mit nach Hause zu nehmen. Hervorzuheben ist natürlich auch die kleine Gruppe (maximum 10 Personen), die einen sehr privaten Charakter hat....
Edeldraud und Ludwig Nebel
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Beispielfoto Yunnan Foto - TourBeispielfoto Yunnan Foto - Tour

Tour Description Yunnan Foto - Tour

  • Yunnan, called "the province of eternal spring" because of its mild climate throughout the year
  • Three UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • The Old Town of Lijiang (a UNESCO World Heritage site)
  • The Rice Terraces of Ying Yang (a UNESCO World Heritage site)
  • Tiger Leaping Gorge  (a UNESCO World Heritage site) one of  the deepest gorges in the world
  • Dali with its 3 unique pagodas and its huge Buddhist temple
  • Biggest Happy Buddha statue in Mile
  • Yellow fields of blooming rapeseed-flowers
  • The opportunity to experience an authentic Chinese tea ceremony
  • World famous Chinese cuisine and much more    

This is a Tour designed from Photographers for Photographers. Yunnan is for most people the most beautiful and scenic province in China. It hosts the most ethnic groups and has the most cultural diversity. This multiplicity of cultures has endowed the province with a rich heritage that it shares with all who come to visit. There is always something wonderful to see and do here. The tour is well balanced in order to give you an insightful view to all the important and most famous sites of this province, as well as the hidden unknown places along the way. Yunnan Province has pleasant weather all year round and is endlessly fascinating. It will be a tour of a lifetime. We are a German / Chinese couple who have worked as Photographers and Tour Guides for many years. Liao Yan, "Haiqi" is a Yunnan born Photographer and Journalist. Thomas Boehm is a freelance Photographer and Tour Guide for China and Ladakh / India. When not traveling we both live in Lijiang, Yunnan Province / China.

Tour Itinarary Yunnan Foto - Tour


International Flight to Kunming / Yunnan Province, China.


First group meeting in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province. Yunnan province has the nickname as “the province of eternal spring” since the climate is very moderate throughout the year. The elevation of Kunming is about 2000 m above sea level. It is never too cold or too hot. Depending on the time of arrival, first we will have a relaxing walk in Kunming and then a tasty dinner together. Night in 4**** star Hotel (-/-/D)


After a typical Chinese breakfast we will go to the Green Lake Park, a scenic, beautiful spot inside the city. By the end of the Yuan Dynasty, it was still a swampy field for growing vegetables, lotuses and rice, that's why it's called "Vegetable (Green) Lake". Every winter, thousands of red-beaked seagulls from as far away as Siberia migrate to the Park. These seagulls swoop over the water and scramble over the crumbs of food offered by the locals. Here we will also have a chance to watch the people of Kunming doing what most Chinese like to do in their spare time. Play cards, sing and dance, play music, doing Thai Chi or just gossip and drink tea. The photo opportunities here are endless. In the afternoon we will walk through old and new Kunming. After a “entertaining” dinner we will take the night train to Dali. (B/L/D) Night train first class.


Dali - Home of the Bai Minority. After walking the streets of Dali we will drive to the three famous pagodas, which is about 2 kilometers northwest of the ancient city of Dali, occupying a scenic location at the foot of Mt. Changshan. It is a symbol of the history of Dali City, and a record of the development of Buddhism in the area. As its name implies, Three Pagodas are made of three ancient independent pagodas forming a symmetrical triangle. This is unique in China. The middle pagoda, Qianxun Pagoda, standing at 69.13 meters (227 feet) high, is one of the highest pagodas built during the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907), while the lower two stand to the north and south sides of it. Surprisingly the pagodas have no foundation and people guess that’s why they survived many earthquakes almost undamaged. Back to Dali old town; the rest of this day is free for you. The old town roads are forbidden for traffic so you can just walk along those ancient roads with  its shops and people. (B/L/D) Night in Hotel.


After a relaxed, tasty breakfast we will drive with our rented bicycles to the shore of Dali’s big lake. Here we will see a lot of agriculture and many old houses. There is plenty of time to stop and take pictures before we will have a nice lunch at a small garden restaurant near the lake. With a size of more than 250 km² it is China's second largest highland lake. During the afternoon back in Dali we will have one more chance to walk around this town before we will meet in our guesthouse. Here we organize a little cooking class. Together with our landlord and it’s family we will cook some tasty Chinese food – everyone will have a chance to spend that evening with them. Here you have a first-hand chance to ask questions and feel their hospitality.(B/L/D) Night in Guesthouse.


After breakfast we will take the local bus to Lijiang. (250 km) Lijiang is a UNESCO World – Heritage Site and a must to visit when you are in Yunnan province. In the afternoon we will walk together through the busy and winding alleys of the beautiful old town. Lijiang is home of the Naxi minority and so is our Guesthouse built in their old traditional original style. (B/L/D) Night in Guesthouse.


We have all day today for Lijiang. For anyone interested, this will be a good opportunity to get up early and explore the still empty and quite alleys of the old town. The cobble stone roads and the wooden buildings of the old town are inspiring and are often photographed. The history of Lijiang goes back to the year 476 before Christ and developed into one of the most important places at that time. The ancient tea trading route from Beijing to India went through here. We can also visit a traditional paper made by hand workshop of the Dongba minority and visit a traditional Chinese tea ceremony If the weather is clear we might go to the Black Dragon Park where the 5596m high Jade – Dragon Summit is reflecting in a picturesque lake. Together with an old stone bridge and a Chinese pavilion it makes for a fantastic shot.(B/L/D) Night in Guesthouse.


An early morning bus brings us to the trail head of this famous trek.(3h) First walking through small villages as they increase on the heights, we get to see the river far down below. Continuing the climb we will also recognize that the scenery and surrounding nature is changing too. We are walking on the higher way through the gorge. After about 5 hours we will arrive at our guesthouse and can enjoy the spectacular view from the nice terrace and try some local pancakes with delicious Yunnan coffee. (B/L/D)


After a typical Naxi breakfast we will start an easy day mostly walking level ground, with some up and downs. Later we will slowly descend through a nice pine forest pass, a waterfall and a beautiful Buddhist temple where we will stop for pictures. Later at the end of the Gorge we will check in to our Guesthouse. (B/L/D) Night In Guesthouse

10 Day

Today is another exciting day where we will hike down to the bottom of the gorge ( 1720 m ) and we will see, feel and hear a spectacular scene, the noise and sound of the roaring water. An estimated mass of 9000 m ³ of water passes this spot every second! A truly unforgettable experience that you will never forget! Climbing back up we will use at some parts small ladders to get to our guesthouse at 2210 m.( 4-5 h round trip)  After we will take a short rest and refreshment. (B/Snack/D) Night in Guesthouse.


The local, colorful and diverse farmer's market of Lijiang is a feast for your senses. The variety of fruits, vegetables, fish & meat, spices, herbs, rice and tea is unbelievable. The sounds, smells, colors are just overwhelming. Of course we will see different ethnic minority groups do their shopping here or selling their home products. After lunch we will ride rented bikes to Baisha ( 1h), a small village that looks like what Lijiang was thirty years ago. It used to be the capital of the independent kingdom of the Naxi people. Here we will visit a Batik workshop and an incredible silk embroidery school. Once we return to Lijiang, since you are already familiar with this place, the rest of the day is for you. (B/L/D) Night in Guesthouse.


After breakfast we will transfer to the airport and the flight to Kunming. From here we will drive to Luoping. About 250 km east of Kunming we will see another highlight of our tour. The rapeseed fields everywhere. The pitch black volcanic, hump-like hills. The contrast between these and the yellow flowers is splendidly surreal, as they seem to touch at the horizon. (B/L/D) Night in Hotel.


Just as the sun begins to get stronger we will be on top of a hill, above a Buddhist monastery, which will give us a great view above the yellow fields. At this time there will also be many honeybee hunters with their bees. The natural homemade organic fresh honey here is delicious and a great gift to bring home. You can even get right into the swirling bees with a professional head net. A unique experience! Here we will also have time for a walk near the local village and if we are lucky maybe there will also be a local market open. (B/L/D) Night in Hotel.


After a local breakfast we will drive from Luoping to Lucy (100 km, about 2 h). In Lucy we will visit (depending on today’s weather) a very impressive, huge limestone cave. Divided into 3 big parts the cave is well worth exploring. If the weather is pleasant we might consider going first to more than a 600 years old authentic village of the Yi minority. The houses are made of mud and straw. We have enough time to stroll with ease through the small stone alleys of that cute village. We know a few local families that we will visit where you can take pictures and chat with the locals. ( B/L/D ) Night in Hotel.


Depending on what we did the day before we can either go to the cave or visit the village. After lunch we will drive to Mile. Set up on a scenic hill, the huge, impressive golden Buddha is a great photo opportunity. It is  the biggest statue of its kind in the world. It is called laughing or happy / smiling Buddha with the big round belly. To get there we have to hike up huge stone stairs and have to pass big arched temple gates. The higher we get the more impressive the view of the Mile area gets. (B/L/D) Night in Hotel


After breakfast we will continue to a place that was named a UNESCO World – Heritage Site in 2013. The endless rice terraces of Yuang Yang are one of China's most outstanding sites. The Hani people were already cultivating those steep slopes in the mountains with rice fields more than 500 years ago. The somewhat 12 500 ha of land are at about 2000 m above sea level. Days are warm and pleasant and nights are cool and that creates in the morning a lot of moisture and fog. Moving up from the canyon-like valleys to the rice fields creates a mystical and ever-changing scene of clouds, rice fields and fog. The light and colors are changing all the time until around midday when the sun wins the battle and burns them all off. Tonight we will watch our first spectacular sunset.(B/L/D) Night in Hotel ***

17. Day

At around 5 am we will leave our hotel for one of the most famous spots in the area to watch the sunrise above the rice fields. The rest of the day we will drive around the rice terraces of Yuan yang. Many times we will get out of the car and walk in the fields. The photo opportunities are endless and we will have all the time in the world!  (B/L/D) Night in Hotel ***


Today we will drive from Ying Yang to Jianshui (300km, Apr. 5h). It is a historic and culturally interesting city. Moreover, it is one of the earliest developed cities in south Yunnan that also enjoys a reputation for being a gateway to the past. Since the Yuan Dynasty, it was the political, cultural and communications center of south Yunnan. Here we can walk in the afternoon together through the town. (B/L/D) Night in Hotel.


Today we will go to The Chaoyang Gateway Arch. Built in 1389 AD, it stands in the center of the city as the symbol of this ancient military town. Its significance to Jianshui, the same as that of Tian' Anmen to Beijing. Today, it is a public cultural center and meeting point for the locals. They come here to meet, sing, dance, trade and gossip. There will be endless photo opportunities of aged people full of charisma, charm and character! As we walk through this ancient town we will also stop at one of the more than one hundred artisan wells that are a thousand years old. At the West Gate Well, we will see locals come from far away to fill up some of the purest water in China. Later we will drive to see the picturesque city of Tuan Shan. On the way we will stop for some Photos at the Double Dragon Bridge. The bridge was constructed with only three arches during the Qing Dynasty in the 1800s and took many years to complete. Even today the Double Dragon  Bridge is considered a masterpiece of traditional Chinese bridge-making and incorporates all the classic components of ancient bridge construction. It is evidence of what the technological development in ancient China was like, and the fact that it still stands today is a testament to its durability.(B/L/D) Night in Guesthouse.


The long history of Jianshui has produced its splendid culture. Due to its early development, Jianshui produced thousands of scholars. Moreover, with the influence of the grand Jianshui Confucius Temple, it has rightfully been called "the Cultural City" since the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). With more than 100 ancient temples, 50 ancient bridges and 56 state-protected cultural relics, Jianshui enjoys the fame of "the Museum of Ancient Constructions", which highlights ancient Chinese culture and art. Here we will visit the private Garden of the well-known Zhu Family. With a total area of 20.000sq.m the grand complex is a typical local residence with distinctive features. It was built by the Zhu brothers in the late Qing Dynasty. The atmosphere and surroundings are incomparable to any other family garden in Yunnan. Many movies were filmed there! (B/L/D) Night in Guesthouse


Drive back to Kunming ( 4-5h). Check into our hotel. The rest of the day you are free to do as you please, take nice pictures and/or do some last minute shopping (B/L/D) Night in Hotel.


The flight back to your home country. 

Yunnan Foto - Tour Service includes:

  • All transport incl.Taxi, Bus, Jeep, Mini Bus / Van
  • All mentioned food (B = Breakfast , L = Lunch , D = Dinner)
  • All non alcohol drinks
  • All entrance tickets / permits in China
  • Rented Bicycles
  • 05 Nights in 4 **** Hotel
  • 02 Nights in 3 ***   Hotel
  • 07 Nights in Hotel
  • 05 Nights in Guesthouse
  • 01 Nights overnight train sleeper 1st class
  • min.  05 persons
  • max. 10 persons
  • Price: 3370 €
  • Guide's: Haiqi Liao and Thomas Boehm

Yunnan Foto - Tour Service excludes:

  • international airfare to and from Kunming
  • Single room : 390 € extra
  • alcohol and personal snacks
  • international travel health insurance
  • personal expenses
  • Visa for China
  • Tipp

Tour Booking

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