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If you have any questions, daubts and uncertainty regarding any tour please feel free to contact Thomas Boehm at any time before you book a tour. E-Mail: himalaya_trekking@yahoo.com.

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Dates Burma

Tour Dates from 12.10.2019  to 02.11.2019  -  10 places left

+++Alle Teilnehmer der Wanderreise zum Fuße des Mt.Everest sind wieder nach Deutschland zurückgekehrt ! +++

Von Fotografen

Canon Foto-Wettbewerb!
Wolfgang Goepfert gewinnt mit dieser Aufnahme
von unserer Burma Reise 2012.
Herzlichen Glueckwunsch!
Es war ja schon die dritte Reise mit euch, und ich bin immer wieder begeistert. Toll, wie ihr es schafft, uns (abseits der üblichen Touristenwege) den Herzschlag des Landes spüren zu lassen und uns Menschen und Kultur nahe zu bringen....
Anne Berlin, Havixbeck
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Beispielfoto BurmaBeispielfoto Burma

Burma - Myanmar Photo Tour in the Golden Land

Tour Description Burma

Well balanced 23 day round trip including the most scenic highlights of this amazing country. Get a firsthand look into the daily life of this deeply religious place and its charming people.
  • The tour itinerary is a well-balanced trip of cultural, natural and scenic spots not to be missed.
  • Includes hiking to sacred sights.3 days in Bagan, Asia’s largest Pagoda and Temple area.
  • 3 days hiking through the lovely villages and rolling hills in the country of the Shan tribal people from Kalaw (former British Hill station) to the picturesque highland Inle Lake.
  • Boat tour on the Inle Lake to one of the many local markets surrounding the lake.
  • Mandalay, the country’s last king's residence, with superb day trips to its attractions like the world’s longest teak wood bridge, the old town of Mingun.
  • Visit Yangon’s world famous golden shining Swedagon Pagoda from dawn to sunrise.
  • Drive up to the Golden Rock, the most popular Buddhist pilgrim attraction in Burma. Bago with its impressive reclining Buddha.
  • Relax and indulge in great seafood at Chaunghta Beach at the Andaman Sea. Bangkok, the multicultural city that never sleeps.
  • Visit a Thai boxing school, Chinatown, the Temple of the Dawn, the world famous King's Palace and much more.
  • Enjoy world class cuisine and a relaxing Thai massage. 
  • Professional and helpful advice from experienced photographers for everyone from beginners to advanced. 
  • Small group size : max.10 people

Information Burma

Note: this tour can also be booked as a 14 day tour.

Important: Burma is in the middle of political, economic and cultural change, similar to what the former East Germany experienced just after the wall fell down. We will try to book you into the most suitable hotels and take you to the most unique places. Everywhere we go is carefully researched and checked out by us first. But since this is a once a year trip it is possible that we might have to change our itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances. This will only happen when it is absolutely necessary. Anything we do to the itinerary will be with your best interests in mind. 

Tour Itinarary Burma


Individual arrival in Bangkok / Thailand


Airport pickup and transfer to our hotel near the famous Kao San Rd. in Bangkok. Here you can relax from the flight and jetlag at the hotel pool on the roof. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and massage places just around the corner of the hotel for your relaxation. First dinner together and the meeting of all our group members. Night in Hotel. (-/L/D)


Today we fly from Bangkok / Thailand to Mandalay / Burma. Mandalay was the last residential place of the last king of Burma. Mandalay is also the cultural and economic hotspot of central and northern Burma. After the arrival in Burma’s second biggest town we will have our first Burmese meal. Mainly a mix of local Burmese and Chinese dishes. After that we will visit a local gold leaf manufacture. For one of the oldest Burmese traditions, we will watch a young man experienced in the art beat tiny pieces of gold wrapped in bamboo paper and cushioned in dear skin. It is beat until the gold piece becomes as thin as a hair. A lot of gold leafs are needed throughout Burma since this is the most common offer to Buddha. These leafs are placed on statues of worship throughout Burma. We will see them right after that at the important Mahamuni Buddha Temple. Later we will drive to our Hotel. (B/L/D) Night in Hotel.


After a relaxing breakfast in our hotel we will visit another sight not to be missed, the jade market in the heart of Mandalay. Here in this absolutely wild place you will find endless opportunities for great pictures. You will see every kind of jade, from the ordinary to the polished to the sparkling and framed jewel. You will see this process done from start to finish. After that we will drive to the little town of Amarapura. Here we will have the chance to visit a huge monastery that sometimes gives up to 1000 monks a place for studying and living. The world’s longest teak wood bridge is a stunning sight, and it's amazing to watch people using it. It looks beautiful as the sun is going down. (B/L/D) Night in Hotel.


Today we will visit the bustling local market in Mandalay. It is a feast for the eyes. The place is full of life! There will be many sights and sounds, smells, colors, faces, some familiar but many not. Great photo opportunities wherever you go! After lunch we will have our own boat that brings us upstream on the impressive Ayurwaddy River to Mingun. It will be a great break from the bustling and busy Mandalay center. Here on the boat you can see village life near the shore slowly passing us by. After about one hour we will reach Mingun. We will see the biggest bronze bell ever made, still without cracks, and see the remnants of the biggest brick ruin in Asia. Another nice white-washed Stupa symbolizes the Mt. Meru as the center of the universe. This place is also home to many nuts (Burmese believe these are spiritual ghosts). We will have a snack there and just watch the people passing us by for a while, and then we will take our boat back to Mandalay. (B/L/D) Night in Hotel.



After a short breakfast we will be transferred to another sight. This is the highlight of every journey to Burma. We will fly to the ancient city Bagan. It used to be one of the most booming city of Southeast Asia. Everybody hoped to come here. Philosophers, scientists, religious leaders of many different beliefs, artists, musicians, architects and so on. This is one of the world biggest fields for temples and pagodas. On about 50 km ² roughly 2000 temples and pagodas were built from the 11th – 13th century. We have today and following 3 days to soak in the atmosphere of this tranquil and charming place. On our rented bicycles (we will keep them throughout our time here ) we will ride toward a spectacular sunset.(F/L/D) Night in Hotel.


Today is a free day for us. If anybody is interested in taking a unique hot air balloon ride, you will have the opportunity to do so here. Well-trained, professional balloon drivers who can speak English can take you on an absolutely stunning journey at daybreak. After breakfast anyone who is interested can join us visiting a Burmese family we have known for years. A handicraft lacquer-ware shop is on the way. We have a chance to watch craftsman produce their beautiful work. (B/L/D) Night in Hotel.


The energetic photographer among us will have a chance to get up early and watch the sunset from one of the many pagodas near the hotel. For those interested we will offer a photo workshop later today. Let us surprise you about the location and models. Well-chosen locations and light situations will present unique and breathtaking shots. From here one of our photos won the first prize for the 2012 Canon photo competition out of 60,000 pictures taken! Those not interested in the workshop can cycle through the villages and pagodas, explore the vastness of Bagan. We will enjoy another gorgeous sunset. (B/L/D) Night in Hotel.


Today we drive with private transportation to the former British hill station of Kalaw. During that ride we have chances to stop at places of interest. It is quite a scenic ride, slowly as we move along, leaving the plains of central Burma to the highland of the Shan state.(B/L/D) Night in Hotel.

10.to 12.Day

beginn of the hiking / trekking tour to the Inle Lake

1.Trekking Day

Character: Easy / moderate tour through village – fields and hill areas on forest roads and wide hiking trails.Start after a relaxed breakfast from our cozy Hotel. First we walk through Kalaw into the nearby pine forest. Our guide, who speaks the local language, has great knowledge about costumes and traditions. We will travel light. We can stop whenever we want and take pictures or chat with the locals along the way. In the afternoon we will reach the day's goal and stay here in the Shan village at a Buddhist monastery or with a local family. (B/L/D) Night in village – simple.

2.Trekking day

Today’s trip is similar to yesterday's. Stay in a Shan village at a Buddhist monastery or with a local family. (B/L/D) Night in village – simple.

3.Trekking day

Around lunch time we will arrive at the Inle Lake area. Here one or two long wooden boats will be waiting for us. We will have a decent lunch and then be transported across the lake to the northeastern shore of the lake. Inle Lake is the second largest freshwater lake in Burma and is about 25 km long. Many minorities settled along the lake, the Shan, Taungyo, Pa-O, Danu, Kaya, Danaw among them. Back at the hotel we will enjoy a nice shower and bed. The rest of the day is free.(B/L/D)


In old Burmese Buddhist tradition monks and nuns walk quietly through the streets, barefoot in a row, each holding a bowl in which devoted locals put rice or other offerings inside for use at the monastery. Early in the morning is the best time to watch that and take amazing pictures. After breakfast we have the whole day to explore the lake and a few of the local traditional handicraft workshops. Maybe a local market too. We will see the famous one leg rower on the lake, golden stupas, the swimming gardens and the people of the lake.(B/L/D) Night in Hotel.


Flight from Heho (Inle Lake) to the biggest town and longtime capital of Burma, Yangon. Here we get picked up from our private bus and we will continue to Kyaiktiyo which is famous for the mighty Golden Rock. It is one of the 3 most sacred places for pilgrimage in Burma. Here near the golden rock we will enjoy the great location of our hotel. (B/L/D) Night in Hotel.


We will enjoy the lush and natural atmosphere with our breakfast. The garden is beautiful and peaceful. Than we will join the stream of Burmese pilgrims climbing the golden rock. Once there we will have time until 5 PM (sunset) to soak up the spirit of this fantastic place. (B/L/D) Night in Hotel.


Today we will drive back to Yangon, the former capital of Burma. On the way back we will stop at a local bamboo furniture workshop and a rubber plant place. At lunch in the old kingdom town of Bago we will also visit a huge reclining open air Buddha statue. (B/L/D) Night in Hotel.


We take the local bus to Chaunghta Beach. The main retreat for the locals from Yangon located on the gulf of Bengali, the Andaman sea. Arriving at lunch, the rest of the day is free. (B/L/D) Night in hotel.


Today’s day is a free day for you to do as you please. A walk during low tide along the shallow shoreline, read a book, organize your photos, write your diary, rent a bike, visit some nearby fishing villages…it's up to you, whatever you please.


Early in the morning we will take the local bus (AC) to Yangon. Arrive at lunch and check in to our hotel. Later on we will visit the more than 2000 year old Sule Paya pagoda in the heart of the city. Not far from there we will visit the colorful and busy downtown market form Yangon. Endless photo and shopping opportunities are here to be found. This bazaar area is also famous for excellent jade art work.(B/L/D) Night in Hotel.


Today at the end of our journey through Burma we will get up very, very early. Expect a true highlight of our tour, you will not regret the early start. At 4.30 we will enter the mighty and secret Swedagon Pagoda among other devotees. Like silhouettes and mystical shadows alike we will be among the most religious worshipers. The air is mild at this time of the day. Some bats might swirl up in the air around the many colorful lit towers of the stupa. The gold is covered on the stupas for more than 100m high. With an abundance of jewels the decorated sight is a masterpiece of elegance and beauty. Be sure to bring your tripod and take amazing pictures as the color of the dawn slowly changes. More people will stop and pray and pay a visit to Buddha before they continue on to work. A beautiful place to watch monks pray in meditation, women bringing flowers, young couples walking quietly and young nuns decorating smaller Buddha statues. Later when the suns  begins to rise and the air warms up fast we might be overwhelmed about what we just witnessed. Now the first tourist groups are coming and it is time for us to go. It will be a morning you will never forget for the rest of your life – guaranteed! After a nice brunch we will have one last chance to go downtown Yangon and do some last minute shopping for souvenirs. The rest of the day is up to you. In the evening we will pack for our departure to Thailand tomorrow.(F/-/D) Night in Hotel.


After breakfast transfer to the Yangon airport and flight back to Bangkok, Thailand. We arrive in the afternoon at our hotel near the famous and multicultural Kao San Road. Here we can enjoy a smooth Thai massage, relax at the pool, organize our photos. We meet at 7 pm for a beautiful Thai – style dinner.(B/L/D) Night in Hotel.


Depending on the time of your booked flight back to your country you might have time enough for one or two other sights in Bangkok. For example the King palace or a river cruise to the Temple of the Dawn. It would be our pleasure to help you with any questions you might have. (B/L/-) Flight back home – end of the tour.

Burma Service includes:

German Tour Guide ( fluent englisch!)
International Flight's: Thailand - Myanmar - Thailand
Domestic Flight's: Mandalay - Bagan , Inle Lake - Yangon
All Meals like mentioned ( B - Breakfast / L - Lunch / D - Dinner )
All Night's in Myanmar and Thailand
3 x Bagan 3 Star Hotel
12 x Hotel, 2 x Lodge / Guesthouse, 
2 x Village ( simple )
Tip in the Hotel's
All Transportation : Taxi, Mini Bus , Local Bus, Boat, Bicycle
All Entrance Fee's
Private Bus to the Golden Rock and Bago
AC public Bus to the Andaman Sea
Min.Persons  04
Max.Persons 10
Price: 3490 €

Burma Service excludes:

Flight to Bangkok / Thailand
Visa for Burma
Ballon Flight Bagan
Photo Workshop ( whole day ) 100 €
Private Porter for the day pack to Inle Lake ( Trekking Tour ) ca.20 €
Single Room ( not available on the Trek ) 390 €
Tickets in Bangkok
Alcohol Beverages

Tour Booking

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